I was craving satay sauce the other night, so made some tonight for dinner. (Yes, the satay sauce is for dinner. The vegetables and rice are merely vehicles for the sauce.) My first batch came out weird. Maybe my fish sauce (no expiration date, and it's made of fermented stuff to start with, right) was off, or maybe adding the lime juice that I've never had on hand before made the difference. I put the first batch in a bowl to cool and will let it sit in the fridge for a couple days to mellow, then see if it's any good. It smelled nasty when it was hot. My second batch of sauce came out perfectly (soy sauce instead of fish sauce as I was out of fish sauce, 1/2 the amount of lime juice the recipe calls for).

As I was cooking, the spices smelled really good. I was suddenly seized by a desire to make hazelnut pumpkin soup, and this great ice cream dessert involving pralines and gingersnaps. (Please note: as a rule, I am not seized by the desire to cook, merely by the need.) I scared myself a little there...

And since I'll have spent two hours on this "making dinner" endeavor by the time it's ready to serve, I get to claim double XP on Chore Wars. That bastard overachiever [livejournal.com profile] dimfuture is ahead of me by 270 XP this week. I'm all out of dishes to wash, and running low on laundry. Damn you, Swensen! I'm going to have to study for those overdue certifications to catch up to him.

Edit: omg SO yummy. Mmmmm.

Edit 2:
Recipes from the First Nations: Pumpkin Soup
Thai Pumpkin Soup
Pumpkin Ravioli with Hazelnut Cream Sauce

Creamy hazelnut soup
How to Calibrate Touch Screens (which doesn't help me troubleshoot a failing touch screen, but is really really cool. Ooooooh.)
Favorite link for today (will be gibberish for nongeeks and probably useless for most, but at the moment I'm all "wow I love you people" because I haven't yet figured out how to mentally convert CIDR addressing to decimal netmask notation... and working it out on paper is a massive PIA)

The Genesis creation story, via command line interface.

It almost makes me miss compiling Java programs via telnet at 3:00am. Almost.
Being a primary caregiver for one or more infants will ruin butterscotch pudding forever.

That is all.

Hell Yeah.

May. 22nd, 2007 12:32 am
kyra_ojosverdes: (liberty)
Congressional Food Stamp Challenge -- U.S. Members of Congress to Live on a Food Stamp Budget from May 15-21

Let's hear it for the welfare queens on the hill, trying to get PB&J through TSA checkpoints because it's all the food they've got left for the next two days. Sure, a month would be a lot more educational than a week, and a few years would provide participatory learning on the effects of chronic malnutrition, but a week is a damned good start and a whole lot more than most of those who determine social programs would do.
Among one's list of "things to do before mixing up a double batch of banana-nut bread batter because there are four overripe bananas on the banana hanger" would be "make sure you own loaf pans."
I am holding a signed copy of Every Sacred Thing. OMG. *runs off to hide under covers with flashlight or something*

PS: You're more so.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xl5mvgsdK20 (Will Ferrell vs. Landlord)
Doritos™ Fiery Habañero chips are hot.

This has been today's installment of "Katrina puts words to the blindingly obvious."
Dear Miss Manners,

I'm a little unclear on the proper etiquette for a particular situation. This morning as I was carrying my lawn & leaf bag full of household refuse to the dumpster, I met a man standing next to the same dumpster. As I smiled and wished him a good morning, he grabbed the sides of the dumpster, boosted himself up, and hopped inside. Thinking it rude to throw trash into a dumpster which is currently occupied by a person (and, as a sidenote, being impressed by his athletic ability), I asked if he'd mind if I let my bag of trash on the flat surface directly next to the dumpster. He glanced at me briefly and continued opening bags of trash. I wished him a good day and left my bag next to the dumpster, thinking fondly of my shredding machine.

I do wish this had been covered in the text, as such surprises on the test are somewhat unsettling.

YouTube: Mom My Ride

(My car doesn't have visible duct tape, because I'm not married.)
... we won't discuss how long it's taken me to get this figured out.

To update a calendar stored in public folders on Exchange:

1. At a workstation (must have Outlook installed), log on. (I just ran this under my regular not-admin username w/o probs.)
2. Install/Run tzmove.exe
3. To the right of "Data File" dropdown, click "Custom"
4. Navigate to the calendar in the stored folder
5. Run the tool.

This must be done as a separate step for each calendar in a public folder.

Women aren't treated as sex objects in the computer and tech support industry.
First person to tell me what they sell wins.

I'm sure they leverage a lot of core competencies and stuff, but what do they DO?
GIP. I foresee much use of this one.



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