"Is this a [memory] chip? How do you get the CDs out?" -- Employers' 4 year-old son, on examining a 3.5" floppy diskette
... is itself a pseudoquote.

To quote Shakespeare:
"It is code written by an idiot, full of conditional statements and casts, validating nothing."
"And it's awful, because you don't know if it's just you, if you're doing something wrong... everyone else seems perfectly happy. Everyone else is in bed with Exabyte and thinks they're the coolest thing ever, but you're getting shafted. It's like being at a Republican convention for god's sake!" -- my co-worker J, on the 50% failure rate we've had with Exabyte products
"If the universe is indeed 12.5 billion years old and the most you as an individual can hope for is 100 years, and there's more billions of years to come, the only victory is to live fully and completely, to be totally alive every moment you're here. Do whatever you can to make this planet less brutal and squalid. Ask questions that make a difference, work for justice. Make your short burst of life count.

"The reason I was able to survive the grief of Carl's death is that the authenticity of what we experienced together was so pure. I learned that if you really love someone you should be very nice to them, because what's really going to haunt you after they die is the times you were grumpy to them, or didn't take an opportunity to show your love.

"If you feel like what was between you was totally cool, that you did everything you could with the time you had, that you lived fully and ethically, then your sadness is tempered by thankfulness."

-Ann Druyan, Carl Sagan's widow
kyra_ojosverdes: (liberty)
"I don't know about you, but when George Bush said he did not believe in nation building, I did not know he was talking about this nation." -- Senator Barack Obama
"I can't believe my dad still looks handsome, even though he's, like, in his forties! I can't believe it! Everyone else in their forties looks, kinda you know, ratty. But I'm not sure I've ever seen anyone in their forties except my dad." -- Mark, on the ravages of time
"I can't believe that just... sucking on each others' skin... is a way of showing LOVE!" -- Mark, after kissing my cheek
"Okay... but I'm starting to think that by 'soon' you're meaning the scientific or geological sense." -- [livejournal.com profile] jamesleslie, on when I'll vacate my computer so he can Google to his heart's content.
"Don't you should all over me." -- AccountantGuy
From a coworker who doesn't know me all that well (meaning we don't hang out and chat much because she's insanely busy and rarely in the front office), regarding Hurricane Katrina: "When I first heard the name I thought 'how weird, because Katrina is such an uncommon name, and so what are the chances that I'd know someone with the same name as this incredibly destructive hurricane'... and then I thought 'well, it is somehow fitting, because you're definitely a force of nature to be reckoned with.'"

... I ... uh?

I'd actually been eyeing the "Reflections of a Sentient Tornado" (credit for phrase goes to [livejournal.com profile] kahnman) link text on my LJ and thinking it might just be time to change that.
"Dear Katrina: We can all be very proud of James and Mark, they are so very well mannered, respectful and caring, they do reflect their excellent upbringing, for which you can take all the credit." -- Wasband #1's mother.

"Seriously, ALL my friends had gay parents. I felt so abnormal. It was like a relief when my parents divorced, because then I was a little more normal. I still had to deal with the fact of having heterosexual parents, but at least they weren't married to each other anymore!" -- Last night's date, on growing up in Berkeley
Is taken out of the context in which [livejournal.com profile] qatar typed it:

"Although I'm thinking Otto is half hairless and half dumbo? Or am I thinking of someone else?"
From the legendary [livejournal.com profile] autodidactic: "But the fact of the matter is; people will pick on perceived weaknesses, no matter what they are. Stand strong. Don't let someone else's headtrip be yours. I've been there, and it only drove me crazy and helped me to hate myself even more.

I can't afford that much self hate. It's a bill you can never pay back."
It'd be a Quote of the Day, but you really just need to click the link. It made me shriek with laughter.

... partly because I was thanking all the gods and goddesses that it's never happened to me.

... which is partly because, well, I consider "eating at McDonald's" far worse than, um, nevermind public entry.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] yndy for pointing this one out.
Regarding the sort of sudden violent death which occurs when one goes up against large mechanized objects and loses, [livejournal.com profile] kyrieleison says:

"I always think those sorts of thoughts when I find myself in the presence of heavy machinery. I suppose that's why I was terrified of household appliances as a child. I could think of so many ways I might get killed by them. Then I grew up and realized that life, not death, is the thing to be afraid of."



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