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ETA: [livejournal.com profile] samvimes says "That's okay, I'm used to holding unpopular opinions" (not that I was, um, crowing about "winning" the poll or anything) and "At least it wasn't a clean sweep."

We are also giggling at the diplomats in the crowd who chose both James' and James's.
The Pretty Little Dress™ which I'd planned to wear doesn't have nearly as much white as I'd remembered. It has a two-inch strip of white satin at the top of the bodice. I'm supposed to wear a white top and black bottom because I'm being a helper-type tonight. The "I have a black dress that has a large white satin piece across the bodice" was sort of pushing the definition. I was thinking 4" or 5", not 2". Note that the dress fits and looks good.

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It occurred to me the other day, while chatting with [livejournal.com profile] redrita, that perhaps having used an outhouse was not a universally shared experience. Therefore, I present you: The Great Outhouse Usage Poll. Oh, you can thank me by sending money. Or not.

Definition time: for the purposes of this pool, use the following.
Outhouse: a structure meant for elimination of bodily waste which is not part of a dwelling and does not have the benefit of plumbing. (The waste goes into a hole and stays there.)
Latrine: a very temporary sort of outhouse consisting of a hole in the ground and, if you're lucky, a tarp strung for privacy. The hole is covered with dirt when camp is struck.
Chamberpot: sort of a potty-chair for the potty-trained, used when the outhouse is not especially accessible due to distance or weather or pitch-black darkness. Typically emptied into the outhouse in the morning.

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C'mon, take the poll, I wanna know, because I answered "Yes" to almost all of these.

[Poll #501132]

EDIT: if you're not on my friendslist, kindly introduce yourself in comments please! Otherwise I'll spend all day analyzing your userinfo, trying to figure out who you are and where you came from. Thanks. My coworkers thank you as well, as they really like it when I get work done during work hours. ;-)



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