The Genesis creation story, via command line interface.

It almost makes me miss compiling Java programs via telnet at 3:00am. Almost.

Women aren't treated as sex objects in the computer and tech support industry.
"Is this a [memory] chip? How do you get the CDs out?" -- Employers' 4 year-old son, on examining a 3.5" floppy diskette
Reading IPSec as ImpSec makes networking stuff much harder to understand.


Jul. 28th, 2006 06:24 pm
Firefox users should update Firefox ASAP, as there's a serious vulnerability (remote execution of code) in the "old as of this morning" one.
What I really truly must have: a .wav file of StrongBad screaming "Trogdor!" Just that bit, not the entire song. I have the whole song as a .mp3 file, but I want that one word as a .wav so I can set it as my Windows startup sound at work.

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I kick ass.

Oh Yes

Jun. 7th, 2006 07:27 pm
I dedicate the fact that Friday was a good day to Dr. Jim Jacobs, who taught me what a capacitor looks like and what it does. I was replacing a faulty tape drive1 and trying not to let any of the screws fall into the server. Of course one did. Of course it landed right by a set of fairly chubby (for a motherboard) capacitors. That would have been painful.

1. due to tight space, the server was on its side rather than upright
Why buy a docking station for your laptop/notebook/whatever computer, as opposed to just attaching your monitor, keyboard, network, and mouse cables directly to said portable computer?

(This is a serious question, as I'm pricing docking stations for work and have never used the beasts.)


Apr. 26th, 2006 03:44 pm
Current tabletastic 20-image design:

New CSSed 3-image design:



Apr. 13th, 2006 09:32 am
Thing #1: I got used to caffeine, as in coffee-caffeine, when I was drinking a cup or two each day. Tea-caffeine is not cutting it. *grump*

Thing #2: Oh, well, of course I automatically chose the layout which is apparently a much-desired and difficult thing to create! Typical, really. The Montana Women Vote site is two columns, but otherwise the same: full-width header and footer, navigation sidebar with fixed max-width, liquid main content area.

Okay, I'm trying to figure out this "Using CSS instead of tables for site design" thing, and it's quite nifty.

How do I make the side borders always go all the way to the bottom div, no matter how long the content in the main div or the size/shape of the window? I tried setting body, sidebar, and content divs to height:100%, but that made the page scroll past the bottom of the screen. That's not what I'm wanting.


ETA: (4-13-06) Got it. Woo. CSS is cool. It does put a bit more padding at the bottom of the main area than I want when there's lots of content there, but that's acceptable. (Also, I can solve it by splitting the long content into other pages.)
You're all familiar by now, I presume, with my gorgon fixation. I have a new idea for the gorgon costume I've been planning to make for the last, oh, seven years. I'd been thinking of getting a red or black wig (black would be much more accurate, but I like red better) and buying a bunch of small plastic snakes, which would be attached to the base of the wig with sewing thread.

Now I'm thinking I want a wig of black dreadlocks... with phone cords and CAT-5 cables instead of or perhaps in addition to the plastic snakes.

Technogorgon. I like it.
Has anyone had experience, good or bad, with registering/trasferring domain names through and are registered through NetworkSolutions (aka charge me ridiculous amounts of money for terrible contract terms). My charitable guess is that the domain was registered before there were many alternatives to NSI. The registrations expire mid-April 2006 and we're getting high-pressure "renew for nine years and save TONS" e-and-paper-mailings.

I'd like to transfer the registration, but want to make sure I'm not getting us into badness. I've read good things about GoDaddy. Does anyone have input?
Here's a novel thought... that software which came with the wireless network card? Maybe opening that up will provide some useful options. *facepalm*

At any rate, it works. The other computer is only showing 60% signal strength... is that because of the placement of the router?

ETA: signal strength is up to 80% and I've got the workgroup going... now for file sharing (essentially copying the important stuff into the Shared folder on the kids' computer, then saving it onto mine so I can reinstall the OS on the kids' computer.)
Any computer-rich people or companies looking for a charitable contribution tax write-off are SO VERY WELCOME to provide this wonderful social services 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a server. Or pretty much any decent computer hardware for that matter.

-- Katrina, who is now finished soliciting/begging on behalf of her workplace
Does anyone here use Open Office?

If so, would you be so lovely as to tell me a bit about your experience with it? I'm especially interested in:

1. Feasibility of going back and forth between MS Office and Open Office... meaning opening, editing, and saving the same document multiple times, with both programs (as opposed to taking a document from one program and then using only the other program for future edits).

2. Similarity to MS Office interface: given what I've told you about the level of computer/software skill in my office, how likely is it that I could get coworkers to try Open Office instead of MS Office?

Thanks! :-*
A (fellow tech-savvy) coworker gave me this:

Cut for bandwidth, safe for work )

The front reads "What is RAM made of? Why does everybody want it? Can you ever have enough?"

The back reads "RAM, the currency of our technological world, is usually seen in its solid state, in which it is as precious as gold. For your enjoyment we present it in its more beautiful but less expensive liquid form. You can't put it in your computer, but you can have some low-tech fun with it. Now the next time someone asks, 'What is RAM?' you can pull it out and show them.

Remember -- you can never have enough RAM."

ETA: the thing which makes this utterly hilarious is that I was betting at least one coworker would go "ooooh, really???" I was right.



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