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... I know exactly what to do for a broken toe. This is good, see, because given the swelling, bruising, and pain, I'm reasonably sure I just re-broke mine.

Lavender Revolution: Plant essences linked to enlarged breasts in boys as posted by [ profile] vocalista001

"Two ingredients common in many hair- and skin-care products have been linked to abnormal development of breasts in boys. Lavender oil and tea tree oil contain compounds that act like female sex hormones and interfere with male hormones, researchers have determined."


"The plant essences presumably have similar potential effects in young girls, Reiter says. Studies show a recent rise of early breast development in girls (SN: 9/9/00, p. 165: Prepubertal children have low sex hormone concentrations, so relatively small amounts of hormone-mimicking compounds might upset their physiologic balance at that age, says Reiter."
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God, eating can be a chore sometimes.

Like when I'm adjusting to new meds which make me a little sick to my stomach, so I have no appetite whatsoever and eat on principle and to avoid low blood sugar and it's all "Oh, if I must nibble upon something..."

I've made it through three-fourths of a bran muffin and am very proud of myself. I need to finish that muffin and another by five pm. This is my Big Important Goal for today. Yeah, I'm not impressed either.

ETA 2:42 pm: I finished the second muffin with two hours to spare! Wooo! Um.

Cut for weight-based mutterage )


Apr. 22nd, 2006 04:55 pm
The kids are playing DDR.

I swear they're deliberately choosing my favorite songs to play.

Thirty minutes and I'm commandeering the dance mat.

... Whoa. I just took a peek downstairs. Mark is on the dance mat. James and Eliza are playing along without dance mats. I was wondering how one skinny little kid could be so stompy. Now I know.
Based on a single-trial test, I have concluded that burning incense while engaging in aerobic exercise is a bad idea. I'm not all that sensitive to chemicals or fragrances, but I haven't stopped sneezing since 1:00 pm, when I finished up a 35-minute session of Nia held in a local yoga studio. I've requested that next week we not have incense burning during class. Geez. Pounding headache, serious sneezing1, sniffling, itchy eyes... I try to be aware of chemical/fragrance sensitive folks and avoid making life miserable for them, but this would be my first taste of what that's actually like. Yuck.

Other things learned at Nia:

a) I do actually have decent balance, under certain conditions. Foot placement is important: mine naturally rotate outward, I have to consciously remember to keep my toes pointing forward. With proper foot placement, I can do three side-kicks in a row without losing my balance. Yay!

b) I look pretty good dancing around in a short flippy skirt. (Humor me. It's spring and I haven't been able to wear my short skirts in a long damn time. I'm enjoying the re-realization that I have nice legs.2) I did not actually plan to go to an exercise class in a skirt. I forgot that we had Nia today. It worked.

1. when I sneeze, it's at least three in a row, often seven or more. So "serious sneezing" for me is a lot of sneezing.

2. Ego-boost: getting an approving glance cast legwise from my very-gay co-worker. If the "makes faces at the thought of kissing a woman" guy is checking out my legs, my legs are looking nice.
I untaped the toe yesterday evening and took a good look. I've untaped and retaped before, but did so pretty quickly and without really examining the toe. The initial (copious) bruising has mostly faded. There's a little line of more recent bruising right above (as in, toward the foot proper) the line where the pinky toe and next toe meet.

As with [ profile] redrita's toe, the toe has rotated slightly so that the toenail faces mostly upward rather than rotated 50° to the side. The thing which troubles me is that the toe no longer tucks neatly against its neighbor, but sort of sticks out a bit. It seems this will make re-injury much more likely, and I'm not a fan of injury at all, much less re-injury. I retaped the toe with a loop of tape around the foot to pull the toe in closer, but I'm wondering if that will have any effect this far into the healing of the break.

This concludes today's edge-of-your-seat update on my fascinating life.


Oct. 3rd, 2005 09:28 am
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Pain. Hopefully it will settle down soon, now that I'm done driving my 40-mile round trip, limping from the parking garage to my office (1/2 block plus a crosswalk) and staggering around the office putting things in place to open up.

I left a message with my Dr's nurse, begging for some real pain meds. The ibuprofen is so not sufficient unless I'm sitting absolutely still with my foot elevated and iced.

Have I mentioned that I am not good with pain? I am really really not good with pain. I am a complete and utter wimp when it comes to physical pain.

Edit: and then I had to solve a networking problem, which meant walking around the office and getting down on the floor then up then down times five.... now taking bets as to which will happen first: crying from pain or puking from pain. So not good with pain.

I'm Home!

Jul. 31st, 2005 01:22 pm
Remember kids, it's not really camping unless you strike your tent in the rain.

Also remember that as soon as your tent is folded and rolled, the rain will slacken or stop completely. Hey, I don't make the rules, I just report them.

The overnight solo trip to Blodgett Canyon was everything I hoped it would be. The newborn piercings held up just fine and didn't complain a bit, even when I slept on my stomach. Such well-mannered little things. I got to the trailhead at around 4:30 pm, my own personal best for "latest start ever on a backpacking trip." I made camp about four miles in, beside a lovely pond which harbored either one very theatrically-inclined humongous fish, or several humongous fish. Every time it jumped, it sounded like someone had thrown a rock into the water. A rock slightly larger than my head. I caught site of it during one particularly spectacular jump. It's easily 24" long, probably longer. BIG damn fish for that smallish pond, but the pond is connected to the creek which feeds from the lake, so I suppose it might have grown up in the lake and then traveled.

I heard only the most minimal of critter-sounds during the night. I was able to leave the rainfly off and keep all the windows unzipped, which was awesome for that "feeling like I'm totally outside but not being carried off in bits by the mosquitoes" thing.

Anyway. I'd like to have camped further in (nothing spoils the feeling of badassery attached to one's first solo backpacking trip like having dayhikers pass one's camp fairly early in the morning), but I wasn't sure how far I'd have to hike to find the next good campsite. (Rock slopes do not good camping make, especially when the average rock size is comparable to that of one's body when rolled into a ball.) Also, my feet were getting pretty sore. I thought I was starting to stumble a bit from fatigue, but I realized on the way out that it wasn't fatigue at all, it was "it's hard to keep steady footing on a very bumpy rock path when carrying a 40lb pack." I actually don't know how much my pack weighed as I don't have a bathroom scale, but I wouldn't be terribly surprised if it were closer to 50 lbs. The nice thing about that is that I was carrying easily enough food for two nights out (better too much than not enough, especially when you don't have a hiking partner to beg from) and I know about how much weight each additional day's worth of food would be, soo.... I'm now seriously considering doing a 5-day loop solo backpacking trip the third week of August, probably in the Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness.

Things to remember for next time:
  • Bring the camera.
  • If you plan to journal, bring a pen. Burnt sticks aren't so good for writing.
  • Apply the bug repellent at the trailhead. Bugs don't give you a grace period.
  • The hanging of the food-bag is best done well before nightfall. Try not to camp in a stand of Lodgepole Pines, as they tend NOT to have horizontal branches which can support a food-bag, at least not within cord-throwing distance. There is a reason you've never pitched baseball or softball. A fairly obvious one, at that.
  • "Find your glasses" is also a game best played in daylight. Get one of those glasses-holder-onners for your next trip.
  • If you're going to strip down and take a nice little bandanna-bath in the morning, make sure you're either WELL off the trail or getting up EARLY in the morning. You shocked that poor man.
  • Get a pocketknife or better, one of those gadgety-knives.
  • Get a fishing license and some lightweight, compact fishing gear. You like trout and aren't afraid to clean them, so take advantage of food that doesn't weigh down your pack!

Bonus info found while searching for posting info: glacial abrasion produces rock flour, fine sediment that becomes suspended in glacial lakes giving them a blue-green colour (I always wanted to know why!)
Thanks to [ profile] ladytabitha for this link: Weight Loss: a rant.

... having so linked, now's a good time to mention that due to my exercise thang, my calves are now quite muscular, my thighs are firming up in a fairly noticeable fashion, and I've gone from (jeans) size 16 to size 14. Yay exercise.


Jan. 24th, 2003 07:24 pm
It's amazing, how knowing that you'll feel better soon makes you feel better now. The last two days have been SO good! I got a lot accomplished at work, was able to focus and think clearly, am coming up with great ideas for future projects, and just generally felt wonderful.

All hail modern chemistry.


Dec. 1st, 2002 08:42 pm

Tess moved her journal to LiveJournal, so now I can link to her! Yay!

I color-coded my friends. They're so preeeeeetty now. It should result in a little less confusion when I read something from Dan's journal and think it's from Jayme's, or vice versa. ("Wow, Jayme's really upset, she usually never cusses! Oh wait, that's Dan." Or "Gee, I've really never heard Dan talk about God and Jesus.. oh, that's Jayme's entry!")

We went to church today. It was tiring, and frustrating in the usual way. I dunno. I may have to just set aside my "church issues" for a while and deal with everything else. For now, I may just accept that it's a church full of wonderful caring loving people, and that I'll have to feed my own spirituality through reading, meditation, and so forth. (Doesn't mean I'll like it though, or that I'll stop bitching about church!)

Work and school in the morning. I'm scared. After 1.5 hours of church this morning, I slept for 4 hours. My daily school/work schedule doesn't have breaks. Hopefully dan-boss will be okay with me napping under my desk? Or something?? Yuck. Of course, I'm panicking over the papers which were due way back in October. *sigh*

Speaking of Dan, he finally got time to visit! Yay! I'd been missing him a lot. It was great to see him again. He and Tess really liked each other. Tess is happy because she's acquired three new friends so far during the visit. She's planning to keep in touch with dan-boss (Renfroe), Dan Swensen, and another friend of mine, Heidi. It's hard to glare at a friend for staying away so long when he walks in with his arms full of chocolate, latté, a CD-ROM full of MP3s, and the Lord of the Rings DVD. :-)



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