After hours of procrastination and anxiety, I:

1. showered
2. dressed
3. left the house
4. drove to Costco
5. had my photo taken (so I can get a company credit card)
6. drove to Shopko
7. picked up garbage bags, milk, and my prescriptions
8. drove home
9. unloaded the car and put things away

I'm so... proud. Or something. Agoraphobia blows.

Unrelated: I couldn't figure out why all the stores and streets were so crowded... then I realized it's because it's hot out and most homes here don't have AC, but the stores do.
[ profile] smoonn and [ profile] quetzalcoatl_9's wedding was incredibly beautiful and the reception was fantastic beyond belief.

Wow. I do believe I have blisters on my feet. )

A million thanks and hugs to the wonderful people who talked to me... and yes, I realize that sounds fairly pathetic to thank people for talking to me, but it's what made it so I could enjoy the wedding and reception instead of dashing for the door so I'd clear the building before the tears hit.

[ profile] smoonn, [ profile] quetzalcoatl_9, [ profile] luminousx, [ profile] dimfuture, [ profile] geetz, [ profile] controlledfall and [ profile] maxheadwidth, you are all wonderful individuals and I was very glad to enjoy your company tonight.

[ profile] quetzalcoatl_9, I am madly infatuated with your sister.
Can we live through February?

I talked with Tess last night. She hugged me and told me that she loved me. I wasn't sure why. Not that you need a reason to say "I love you," but she said she thought I might need to hear it... and that it was, after all, February. I asked if she were referencing the 10th, and my anniversary. She said no, just the depths of hell. Yes, February.

The Song I'm Referencing )

I'm worried about her. I'm still a little worried about me. I've been feeling worlds better, but my house still looks like a tornado hit it.. and despite the fact that I have three small tornadoes, that's really bothering me. My Christmas tree is still up. I've started to take it down several times, but my energy and motivation fizzle when I start clearing the hall closet so I can open the door to the storage space that holds the box for the Christmas things...

I love you, Tess. March comes soon, and then April. After April comes May, and green things. After May comes June, and summer, when All Is Good.
My weekly time commitments:
Sitting in Class:06hours
Library Time for Assignments:02hours
Supervised Research:09hours
Research Hours from Last Semester:06hours
(Volunteer) Internship at SARS:10hours

Time on Campus:40hours


Okay, let's try this again. 15+6+2+9+6+10= .... 48.

Maybe if I hit this peg just a little harder, it will fit into that hole... :-\


Jan. 24th, 2003 07:24 pm
It's amazing, how knowing that you'll feel better soon makes you feel better now. The last two days have been SO good! I got a lot accomplished at work, was able to focus and think clearly, am coming up with great ideas for future projects, and just generally felt wonderful.

All hail modern chemistry.



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