2007-07-10 10:46 am

Link of the Day

How to Calibrate Touch Screens (which doesn't help me troubleshoot a failing touch screen, but is really really cool. Ooooooh.)
2007-06-09 11:03 am
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Random Geekery

Favorite link for today (will be gibberish for nongeeks and probably useless for most, but at the moment I'm all "wow I love you people" because I haven't yet figured out how to mentally convert CIDR addressing to decimal netmask notation... and working it out on paper is a massive PIA)
2007-06-03 12:56 pm

Link of the Day (thanks to [livejournal.com profile] ladyqkat)


The Genesis creation story, via command line interface.

It almost makes me miss compiling Java programs via telnet at 3:00am. Almost.
2007-05-30 09:07 pm
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Random Note

Being a primary caregiver for one or more infants will ruin butterscotch pudding forever.

That is all.
kyra_ojosverdes: (liberty)
2007-05-22 12:32 am

Hell Yeah.

Congressional Food Stamp Challenge -- U.S. Members of Congress to Live on a Food Stamp Budget from May 15-21

Let's hear it for the welfare queens on the hill, trying to get PB&J through TSA checkpoints because it's all the food they've got left for the next two days. Sure, a month would be a lot more educational than a week, and a few years would provide participatory learning on the effects of chronic malnutrition, but a week is a damned good start and a whole lot more than most of those who determine social programs would do.
2007-05-06 02:34 pm

Note to Self

Among one's list of "things to do before mixing up a double batch of banana-nut bread batter because there are four overripe bananas on the banana hanger" would be "make sure you own loaf pans."
2007-04-26 05:02 pm
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SQUEEE! (Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] silenceleigh!!)

I am holding a signed copy of Every Sacred Thing. OMG. *runs off to hide under covers with flashlight or something*

PS: You're more so.
2007-04-17 01:45 pm
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2007-04-09 09:56 pm
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(no subject)

Doritos™ Fiery Habañero chips are hot.

This has been today's installment of "Katrina puts words to the blindingly obvious."
2007-04-02 06:57 pm
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This Wasn't Covered in the Book!

Dear Miss Manners,

I'm a little unclear on the proper etiquette for a particular situation. This morning as I was carrying my lawn & leaf bag full of household refuse to the dumpster, I met a man standing next to the same dumpster. As I smiled and wished him a good morning, he grabbed the sides of the dumpster, boosted himself up, and hopped inside. Thinking it rude to throw trash into a dumpster which is currently occupied by a person (and, as a sidenote, being impressed by his athletic ability), I asked if he'd mind if I let my bag of trash on the flat surface directly next to the dumpster. He glanced at me briefly and continued opening bags of trash. I wished him a good day and left my bag next to the dumpster, thinking fondly of my shredding machine.

I do wish this had been covered in the text, as such surprises on the test are somewhat unsettling.

2007-03-18 10:41 pm
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Link of the Day (thanks to [livejournal.com profile] yndy)

YouTube: Mom My Ride

(My car doesn't have visible duct tape, because I'm not married.)
2007-03-01 08:15 am
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[Attn: Windows Sysadmin Types] Exchange DST Update: Calendars in Public Folders

... we won't discuss how long it's taken me to get this figured out.

To update a calendar stored in public folders on Exchange:

1. At a workstation (must have Outlook installed), log on. (I just ran this under my regular not-admin username w/o probs.)
2. Install/Run tzmove.exe
3. To the right of "Data File" dropdown, click "Custom"
4. Navigate to the calendar in the stored folder
5. Run the tool.

This must be done as a separate step for each calendar in a public folder.
2007-02-26 02:09 pm
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I Don't Know What You're Talking About.

Women aren't treated as sex objects in the computer and tech support industry.
2007-02-23 09:11 am
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(no subject)

First person to tell me what they sell wins.

I'm sure they leverage a lot of core competencies and stuff, but what do they DO?
2007-02-19 01:18 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] dimfuture is My Hero

GIP. I foresee much use of this one.
2007-02-16 10:50 pm
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