... we won't discuss how long it's taken me to get this figured out.

To update a calendar stored in public folders on Exchange:

1. At a workstation (must have Outlook installed), log on. (I just ran this under my regular not-admin username w/o probs.)
2. Install/Run tzmove.exe
3. To the right of "Data File" dropdown, click "Custom"
4. Navigate to the calendar in the stored folder
5. Run the tool.

This must be done as a separate step for each calendar in a public folder.

Women aren't treated as sex objects in the computer and tech support industry.
First person to tell me what they sell wins.

I'm sure they leverage a lot of core competencies and stuff, but what do they DO?
Also: just plain freezing. Brrrr. Postponed service call until roads are less "haha pickup truck riiiiight." Tea now.
Reading IPSec as ImpSec makes networking stuff much harder to understand.


Jul. 25th, 2006 12:17 pm
I must say I like hearing "Wow, that's a really good idea, Katrina" multiple times each day.

New job still rocks.
I went to a Missoula Businesswomen's Networking Group meeting tonight, and it mostly didn't suck! (They had wine. I figured since I'd be there for 90 minutes and would be snacking, I could have a very small bit of wine at the beginning of that 90 minutes.)

Also, calling WORD to leave voicemail regarding the kids' day camp, and hearing my own voice on the machine, is even more weird than it used to be.

ETA: Oh! Just remembered! [livejournal.com profile] kightp's doppelganger was at the thing tonight, as was Karen Orzech*, who is OMG HOT. I had difficulty not staring at both of them. So I took turns between them.

* local Justice of the Peace, I think I mentioned her in a post after the Many Faces of Women
"And it's awful, because you don't know if it's just you, if you're doing something wrong... everyone else seems perfectly happy. Everyone else is in bed with Exabyte and thinks they're the coolest thing ever, but you're getting shafted. It's like being at a Republican convention for god's sake!" -- my co-worker J, on the 50% failure rate we've had with Exabyte products
T-boss: "Well, you're not eligible for paid holidays until your 90-day probationary period is over, but I'm going to give you the 4th of July anyway because you've gone way above and beyond expectations."

Me: *gape* "Wow. Thanks! I figured I was just doing my job, and trying to do it correctly and not break anything while I'm learning!"

T-boss: "No, you're doing wonderfully."

Me: "Cool! Thanks! And thanks for the holiday!"

Also: I have business cards. I'm a real live grownup now, with business cards!


Jun. 16th, 2006 07:47 am
OMG the new login/logoff sound on my work computer is SO FUCKING AWESOME.

Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] dimfuture!
What I really truly must have: a .wav file of StrongBad screaming "Trogdor!" Just that bit, not the entire song. I have the whole song as a .mp3 file, but I want that one word as a .wav so I can set it as my Windows startup sound at work.

kyra_ojosverdes: (brain)
I kick ass.

Oh Yes

Jun. 7th, 2006 07:27 pm
I dedicate the fact that Friday was a good day to Dr. Jim Jacobs, who taught me what a capacitor looks like and what it does. I was replacing a faulty tape drive1 and trying not to let any of the screws fall into the server. Of course one did. Of course it landed right by a set of fairly chubby (for a motherboard) capacitors. That would have been painful.

1. due to tight space, the server was on its side rather than upright
A co-worker just breezed through the front office wearing a homemade knee-length silver lamé cape.

There are lots of things I am going to miss about this place.
Does anyone here use Open Office?

If so, would you be so lovely as to tell me a bit about your experience with it? I'm especially interested in:

1. Feasibility of going back and forth between MS Office and Open Office... meaning opening, editing, and saving the same document multiple times, with both programs (as opposed to taking a document from one program and then using only the other program for future edits).

2. Similarity to MS Office interface: given what I've told you about the level of computer/software skill in my office, how likely is it that I could get coworkers to try Open Office instead of MS Office?

Thanks! :-*
A (fellow tech-savvy) coworker gave me this:

Cut for bandwidth, safe for work )

The front reads "What is RAM made of? Why does everybody want it? Can you ever have enough?"

The back reads "RAM, the currency of our technological world, is usually seen in its solid state, in which it is as precious as gold. For your enjoyment we present it in its more beautiful but less expensive liquid form. You can't put it in your computer, but you can have some low-tech fun with it. Now the next time someone asks, 'What is RAM?' you can pull it out and show them.

Remember -- you can never have enough RAM."

ETA: the thing which makes this utterly hilarious is that I was betting at least one coworker would go "ooooh, really???" I was right.
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(The 'department' part is a joke, because it consists of one person.)

I swear I'm going to start taking cues from the BOfH archive.

I was reflecting earlier today that I need to self-adjust away from The Cranky.

Continuing to reflect, I realized that The Cranky is pretty effective when it comes to "suck it up and learn something new because I'm not going to keep wiping your metaphorical noses, you technophobes."

Yesterday at staff meeting:
One of Them: We should plan a party for when the E.D. comes back from Ireland!
Them: Yes! Yay! Yes! Party!
One of Them: Okay, I'll write an e-mail and send it to Katrina and Katrina can send it to a distribution list that includes everyone except the E.D!
Me: No.
Them: *BLINK*
Me: That discussion should go to the bulletin board. The one you've all steadfastly refused to use.
Me: Because it would be stupid for me to send one e-mail to thirty people and have three of those people reply, sending those replies to thirty people and then two more people reply to each of those replies, sending each reply to thirty people. Instead, you can each log on to the bulletin board once or twice a day, see what's been posted, and reply there.
Them: But...
Me: *smile of teh cranky and the "you can't do anything about it"*
Them: But we don't know hooooooooooooooooooooooooow!
Me: I'll be happy to send out an e-mail explaining the process. I still have the last two e-mails in my "Sent Items" folder, so it won't take me long at all to repeat that process.
Them: I.. we... uh...
Me: We won't need to worry about the E.D. logging in to read the party plans, because she uses the bulletin board as frequently as the rest of you. I'll send the e-mail to everyone, then log into her e-mail account and delete that e-mail so she doesn't see it.
Them: *BLINK*
Me: Not that I use that capability often.

One of the more "willing to learn new stuff" staff members (who ironically enough is probably the oldest or second-oldest staff member) later said "Hey, nice job with the arm-twisting yesterday. That was very impressive." My reply: "Hey, knowledge is power, and when people refuse to learn that leaves you with the power." He shot back with "Hell yes, why do you think I scramble to learn every new thing you present? I know who to keep happy around this place!"

... yeah, maybe I'll just stick with the cranky.
Given that every time you ask me a question you proceed to then talk over me while I answer that question, you are not getting much sympathy for your assertion that you've tried and tried to get information and that nobody will give you the information you need.

Try shutting up and listening after you ask a question.

-- the chick who is trying to answer your questions
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Ahh Monday, when the fact you're stuttering on the phone so badly as to be unintelligible is the least of your problems.

My foofy coffee is empty. *sob*
They showed up, out of the blue-like, at my workplace. It was awesome beyond compare. We hugged and talked and stuff, and then [livejournal.com profile] quetzalcoatl_9 started looking at our seemingly hopeless computer non-network, and produced us some hope.


They even got to see what I'm talking about with the callers being stupid and me getting impatient with the stupid people because I've got two other lines ringing. So, um, PROOF, because you all totally thought I was making that shit up.



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