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My back hurts, I'm tired, and I'm whiny. Therefore I'm going to take a nap.


(If you really loved me, you'd tuck me in and rub my back and bring me some quality smut to read.)
You know those little drive-up coffee places that have sprung up everywhere over the last ten years? I want something like that but with food. Food which is as cheap, quickly prepared, and appetizing as the coffee and coffee drinks those drive-up places sell. Because my stomach is still recovering and won't allow me to substitute coffee drinks for food nibbling at something while sitting at my desk is so not an option at the new job.

(Yes, a really bright person could probably figure out some way to ingest food before leaving the house. I think I need some intensive one-on-one tutoring there.)

ETA: I'm aware that drive-through fast food places have existed for some time. We don't have any locally which don't serve fairly nasty food in the morning. Hardee's had some decent stuff... they closed down here. Also, I want my food to be as portable and neatly consumed as a coffee drink. Yes, I am just randomly bitching on a Monday morning.


Apr. 19th, 2006 07:36 pm
What in hell is up with the "post scrapbook photos to journal" thing?? It gives you this stupid WYSIWYG thing and will not let you work with the raw code!

*pause for incoherent screaming about how fucking much I fucking hate fucking WYSIWYGs*

*gasp for air, go back to screaming about fucking WSIWYGs*
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Everyone was sick and the phone wouldn't shut up and I started feeling sick too and I was worried that I'd get sick and then I realized that I'd started my period without any damn warning good thing my skirt is black and then after four people mentioned that I'm really pale I figure maybe I'm getting sick after all and I've been on tenterhooks about something since yesterday and GAH and then the thing with the kids and their fathers and Mark asking direct questions and the house is even messier than on Friday after we spent the weekend cleaning it and my DAMN WINE GLASS ISN'T REALLY CLEAN.

I mean, the rest I can deal with. Not-really-clean wineglasses are just beyond the fucking pale.

Quick Quiz

Dec. 12th, 2005 09:10 pm
  • It's 6:00 pm.
  • It's 1.4° F.
  • You, like many many others, are filling up at the gas station. Your station of choice happens to be one of the more popular ones in town due to the fact that people can score a $0.06/gal discount by shopping at the grocery store of the same name.
  • One of those grocery stores, by the way, is 100 yards from the gas station.
  • It being a popular gas station, there is a vehicle at each of the 12 pumps and at least one car idling in line waiting to take the place of someone at the pump.
  • There is one cashier. She is obviously new to the job, very nervous, totally overwhelmed, and without any source of support or help. There are five people waiting in line behind you, having filled their tanks and now wanting to pay and leave.
  • Something has gone wrong with the cashier's electronic equipment as she was dealing with the customer immediately ahead of you. It is significant enough that when said customer helps her figure it out, four of the five people in line behind you cheer. (The other one just now walked in from the cold and is wondering what in hell is going on.)
  • Two more people are approaching the little 'cashier' building, wanting to pay. There's no more room in the little building, so they're standing outside. Remember it's 1.4° F.
  • In addition to paying for the fuel you pumped into your car, you want to buy five cans of chewing tobacco (two of one kind, one each of three other kinds) and three different types of lottery tickets (seven of each).
  • Your adult son recently attempted to throw away a double handful of almost-empty giftcards from this grocery store. You, ever the thrifty one, exclaimed that those have MONEY on them and grabbed them from the trash despite your son's protestations that none of the cards contains more than $0.40. You are planning to use those nine (9) giftcards to pay for your fuel.
  • Regarding the small-change giftcards, note that your car is no more than two years old and you are wearing a very nice coat and leather boots.
Now then, decision time. Given that the cashier is overwhelmed, you're using the giftcards not because you can't afford the gasoline but because you don't want to waste the remaining funds, the building is packed with people waiting to pay and two more are standing outside in the cold, there are now two or three cars lined up for each set of pumps and people are shouting outside because the cashier is so overwhelmed she is forgetting to reset the pumps so people can fuel up at recently vacated stations...

... do you go ahead and ask for those five cans of tobacco, twenty-one lottery tickets, and use nine small-change containing giftcards before writing a check for the balance?

... or do you write a check for the gas, give the cashier an encouraging smile, and drive the 100 yards to the grocery store in order to get your tobacco and lottery tickets, aiming for a not-so-busy register to clog up with your godfuckingdamned $0.12 giftcards?
Dearest Darling Coworkers,

We will soon be celebrating our first annual Office Empowerment Week! I've got lots of fun and exciting activities lined up to benefit and enrich us all.

Monday: "Making Coffee: not always easy, but so very worth it." We'll have a special presentation on the joy and satisfaction brought by pouring only clean, cold water into the coffeemaker, never old coffee!

Tuesday: "Washing Your Very Own Dishes Really Soon After You Dirty Them Is Fun: building feelings of self-efficacy with dish detergent." We'll have some exciting dishwashing races and discuss how happy we all feel when we find the communal dishes clean and ready to use and how finding dirty dishes by the bathroom sink makes us want to stab people with their own dirty forks.

Wednesday: "Risks and Rewards of Sealing Your Own Goddamn Envelopes: turning the fear into accomplishment." We'll learn to use sponge-tip envelope moisteners, share stories of having paper cuts on our tongues, and discuss the deep-seated fears revealed by that Seinfeld episode with the envelopes.

Thursday: "Breaking Down Cardboard Boxes All By Yourself: like a big warm hug for Mother Earth, AND you!" We'll practice looking for and separating box seams and folding flattened cardboard boxes so they'll fit inside the recycling bin. We'll have a special presentation by the program director whose office is beside the recycling area on how much she adores you all and how very glad she is when she doesn't have to break down the goddamn cardboard boxes that lazy shitheels others have left in the hall.

Friday: "Cleaning Up The Copy Area After You Use It: reducing your risk of mysterious stapler accidents." We'll have multiple special presentations by staff who have OCD tendencies on how the next time they find paper scraps and staples scattered all over the copy table, they will hunt you down and stab you to death with your own office supplies, followed by a workshop on cleaning the blood of your lazy shitheel coworkers off your desk scissors.

Attendance is mandatory, you lazy shitheels.
-- Katrina, your kind and patient office manager
Topic: bashing a person for characteristics which are outside her control or caused by circumstances outside her control.

Example: "trailer trash." God, how I loathe that term. If you hypothesize a woman (gee, why do most "trailer trash" references point at females rather than males) who was raised in extreme poverty where child abuse was a community norm (poverty is linked to child abuse and other forms of violence, most likely because poverty causes extreme amounts of stress and extreme amounts of stress cause about ten bazillion bad things) with little or no access to a decent education or healthcare or pretty much any of the things that a middleclass or even upper-lowerclass person expects to be universally available... there will be some predictable effects regardless of her individual intelligence, resolve, creativity, drive, what have you.

Condemn those effects, sure. Shout and rant how awful it is that some people consider horrible things to be all they can ever expect to have. Don't label a human being as disposable, disgusting, or otherwise far-inferior-to-you because of something which she did NOT choose.

IF she later gets access to things like education, healthcare, and a few glimmers of hope that her efforts will actually make some positive difference in her life, she may be able to climb out of the pit she was born into. Or maybe the damage from those formative years goes pretty deep. I'm sure nobody has ever met a lazy, self-centered, unmotivated person who happens to be financially well-off. Oh wait, we have, but it doesn't stick in our consciousness like the "lazy welfare case" because we don't get to feel superior to the "lazy millionaire".
The fact that you want children but do not have them does not make the day to day process of raising three children on my own any easier. I am sure that your desire for children and lack thereof is deeply painful for you. I'm very sorry about your pain and honestly wish I could do something about it. How about this: I won't ever be so insensitive as to say "You're soooo lucky, you don't have any children so you don't know what it's like to cry because you can't give them what they need and lie awake nights pondering all the ways you're failing them" and in return you don't imply that the fact of my hyperfertility makes my life all sparkly rainbows and unicorns and that I am an ungrateful wretch for stating that sometimes it's really fucking hard to be a single parent.

Scene at Planned Parenthood during a pelvic exam, summer 2002:
Me: *feet in stirrups, counting holes in ceiling tiles*
Nurse-Practioner: *sticking cold hard metal pinching things into my tender bits*
Me: *breathing deeply and pondering String Theory*
NP: "You've had children?"
Me: "Three of them."
NP: "That must be fun."
Me: *reflecting on what it's like to be raising children and dealing with psycho exes and going to college and working and volunteering and paying child support but not receiving any and living on $5k/year* "It can get interesting at times..."
NP: *looks up and glares* "I meant that you're LUCKY and should be HAPPY to have them. I WANT children, and can't have them."
Me: ...... *considers recommending that NP go pay a goddamn counselor to help with her issues, decides to go back to counting holes in the ceiling tile on account of cold metal pinchy things in my tender bits*
I used laundromats for a while during the first marriage. I've been using the "wash houses" (small buildings with about 10 washers and 5 dryers, scattered through University Family Housing) since 1999.

A few points of etiquette apply )



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