Does anyone here use Open Office?

If so, would you be so lovely as to tell me a bit about your experience with it? I'm especially interested in:

1. Feasibility of going back and forth between MS Office and Open Office... meaning opening, editing, and saving the same document multiple times, with both programs (as opposed to taking a document from one program and then using only the other program for future edits).

2. Similarity to MS Office interface: given what I've told you about the level of computer/software skill in my office, how likely is it that I could get coworkers to try Open Office instead of MS Office?

Thanks! :-*
Mozilla and Yahoo! Mail are not playing nicely together. I can't send e-mail from Yahoo! using Mozilla. I can do everything BUT send (read, delete, so on). I can send using MSIE. I can send from home (when I have Internet access) using Firefox.

Do I need to change everyone who is using Mozilla at work over to Firefox??

Google tells me nothing useful. (Yup, already tried.)

EDIT: Changing to Firefox worked. Yay.
kyra_ojosverdes: (construction)
(The 'department' part is a joke, because it consists of one person.)

I swear I'm going to start taking cues from the BOfH archive.

I was reflecting earlier today that I need to self-adjust away from The Cranky.

Continuing to reflect, I realized that The Cranky is pretty effective when it comes to "suck it up and learn something new because I'm not going to keep wiping your metaphorical noses, you technophobes."

Yesterday at staff meeting:
One of Them: We should plan a party for when the E.D. comes back from Ireland!
Them: Yes! Yay! Yes! Party!
One of Them: Okay, I'll write an e-mail and send it to Katrina and Katrina can send it to a distribution list that includes everyone except the E.D!
Me: No.
Them: *BLINK*
Me: That discussion should go to the bulletin board. The one you've all steadfastly refused to use.
Me: Because it would be stupid for me to send one e-mail to thirty people and have three of those people reply, sending those replies to thirty people and then two more people reply to each of those replies, sending each reply to thirty people. Instead, you can each log on to the bulletin board once or twice a day, see what's been posted, and reply there.
Them: But...
Me: *smile of teh cranky and the "you can't do anything about it"*
Them: But we don't know hooooooooooooooooooooooooow!
Me: I'll be happy to send out an e-mail explaining the process. I still have the last two e-mails in my "Sent Items" folder, so it won't take me long at all to repeat that process.
Them: I.. we... uh...
Me: We won't need to worry about the E.D. logging in to read the party plans, because she uses the bulletin board as frequently as the rest of you. I'll send the e-mail to everyone, then log into her e-mail account and delete that e-mail so she doesn't see it.
Them: *BLINK*
Me: Not that I use that capability often.

One of the more "willing to learn new stuff" staff members (who ironically enough is probably the oldest or second-oldest staff member) later said "Hey, nice job with the arm-twisting yesterday. That was very impressive." My reply: "Hey, knowledge is power, and when people refuse to learn that leaves you with the power." He shot back with "Hell yes, why do you think I scramble to learn every new thing you present? I know who to keep happy around this place!"

... yeah, maybe I'll just stick with the cranky.



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