YouTube: safe for work, safe for kids... probably not safe for liquids. According to [ profile] qatar, not for watching before going to a quiet contemplative religious gathering or other forms of meditation.

ETA: Sims 2 version, thanks to [ profile] americanvalkrie
kyra_ojosverdes: (sad)
My back hurts, I'm tired, and I'm whiny. Therefore I'm going to take a nap.


(If you really loved me, you'd tuck me in and rub my back and bring me some quality smut to read.)


Jun. 16th, 2006 07:47 am
OMG the new login/logoff sound on my work computer is SO FUCKING AWESOME.

Thank you, [ profile] dimfuture!
What I really truly must have: a .wav file of StrongBad screaming "Trogdor!" Just that bit, not the entire song. I have the whole song as a .mp3 file, but I want that one word as a .wav so I can set it as my Windows startup sound at work.



May. 11th, 2006 09:48 pm
This emoticon right over here ... :-*
Which sometimes appears as ... :*

That is a kiss. Apparently there are people who hadn't realized, lo these many months, that they were being kissed.

Don't let this happen to you! Know your emoticons!


Mar. 14th, 2006 11:53 am
I have learned to drink my coffee without any sweetener.

I feel so much closer to being a Real Grownup™ now.

I maintain that I must keep using creamer-things in my coffee because I am at risk for osteoporosis and milk does a body good. Yes, even the powdered chemical stuff that has never been within ten feet of anything resembling milk. Using creamer-things in my coffee is the responsible adult thing to do. My health, you see.

That is all.

ETA: (It's never all, is it?) Okay, about that grownup thing. It has just occurred to me that I am less than seven years away from the age at which my mother became a grandmother, and only three years from the age at which my grandmother gained such status.

(Thanks to [ profile] technodyke)

Goodnight Irene
by Ken Kiger

There once was a girl named Irene,
who lived on distilled kerosene.
But she started absorbin'
A new hydrocarbon,
And since then has never benzene!

Doin' its Own Thing
by Edward H. Green

The first law of Newton I sing
My voice has a relevant ring:
"An object left free
Of hassles will be
Engrossed in just doing its thing."

More here:


Jan. 24th, 2006 12:52 am
... but LJ, I need my reading filters! You don't understand what it's like for me! Oh, log me out again for the millionteenth time in the last ten minutes. I see how you are, LJ. You never really loved me in the first place, DID YOU??

Fine. I'm going to bed. See how you like it all alone here, LJ, without anyone who loves you.
... which simply must be cranked up to normal listening volume, even when one's desk is in an open-to-everyone location and when one's job involves answering the phone.

Joan Osborne's "Son of a Preacher Man" is one of those songs.

-- Katrina, who is quick with the volume control dial.
Because today is Talk Like a Pirate Day, see.

And answering the phone like a pirate would work for certain callers, but not so very well for lots and lots of other callers.

Therefore I shall not be Answering Like a Pirate today. But if I had Caller ID... Arrr! *insert pirate-worthy phone spiel here*
Dearest Darling Coworkers,

We will soon be celebrating our first annual Office Empowerment Week! I've got lots of fun and exciting activities lined up to benefit and enrich us all.

Monday: "Making Coffee: not always easy, but so very worth it." We'll have a special presentation on the joy and satisfaction brought by pouring only clean, cold water into the coffeemaker, never old coffee!

Tuesday: "Washing Your Very Own Dishes Really Soon After You Dirty Them Is Fun: building feelings of self-efficacy with dish detergent." We'll have some exciting dishwashing races and discuss how happy we all feel when we find the communal dishes clean and ready to use and how finding dirty dishes by the bathroom sink makes us want to stab people with their own dirty forks.

Wednesday: "Risks and Rewards of Sealing Your Own Goddamn Envelopes: turning the fear into accomplishment." We'll learn to use sponge-tip envelope moisteners, share stories of having paper cuts on our tongues, and discuss the deep-seated fears revealed by that Seinfeld episode with the envelopes.

Thursday: "Breaking Down Cardboard Boxes All By Yourself: like a big warm hug for Mother Earth, AND you!" We'll practice looking for and separating box seams and folding flattened cardboard boxes so they'll fit inside the recycling bin. We'll have a special presentation by the program director whose office is beside the recycling area on how much she adores you all and how very glad she is when she doesn't have to break down the goddamn cardboard boxes that lazy shitheels others have left in the hall.

Friday: "Cleaning Up The Copy Area After You Use It: reducing your risk of mysterious stapler accidents." We'll have multiple special presentations by staff who have OCD tendencies on how the next time they find paper scraps and staples scattered all over the copy table, they will hunt you down and stab you to death with your own office supplies, followed by a workshop on cleaning the blood of your lazy shitheel coworkers off your desk scissors.

Attendance is mandatory, you lazy shitheels.
-- Katrina, your kind and patient office manager
Bookkeeper: Hey, I've got a bunch of paperclips here, where do you want them?
Me: OOOhhhhhH!!! Paperclips!! *holds out hands like two year old getting chocolate*
Bookkeeper: *blink* I want my box back.
Me: Okay. *starts picking oversize paperclips out of pile* I am a paperclip segregationist. A paperclip sizeist, if you will.
Bookkeeper: *snort*
Me: *coos over little box of shiny silver paperclips* Is this where all my paperclips go when they leave my loving hands?
Bookkeeper: Yes.
Me: I'm delighted to know they're caught so gently and held with such care.
Bookkeeper: AccountantGuy saw my box of paperclips. He gasped and said "You need to return those!"
Me: [to AccountantGuy] Thank you, AccountantGuy. [to Bookkeeper] AccountantGuy knows how I feel about my paperclips.
Two Passing Coworkers: *snort*
Bookkeeper: *backs away slowly, clutching now-empty box*
Me: *coos over paperclips and carefully arranges them*

I can't tell you how relieved I was to learn that I'm not the only one. (Thanks to [ profile] ladytabitha for that link.)

Heroism is very bad for you.

Heroism is very bad for you.
Note: heroism causes late periods and knee pain.
(From Google search: DDR knee pain.)

... been playing a bit too much "The Sims 2" when you see a man with a round little potbelly and wonder if he was abducted and is pregnant with an alien baby or if he used the boolprop cheat to get the Tombstone of L&D...

.. and then want to run up to him and say "OMG dude, you can't go to a community lot when you're pregnant, your hunger and energy bars will redline before you can get home and you'll die of starvation at your curb" and give him a handful of Instant Meals to chug while calling a taxi for him.

... just saying.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I spun my mattress 180° to put the big body-sucking gravity well at the bottom instead of the top. I'll have to test it, but I might just be able to sleep on it. At the very least, [ profile] canyonwren will have a big-enough, good-enough bed.
Sim-Katrina has been working overtime posing for icons. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with these, as I like my current icons and am not going to pay for more.

Also: happy birthday to me! Yay! Birthday!

Yelling #1 Yelling #1 Yelling #2 Yelling #2
Yelling #3 Yelling #3 Worry/Anxiety Worry/Anxiety
You So Crazy #1 You So Crazy #1 You So Crazy #2 You So Crazy #2
*whimper* *whimper* Happy Happy
Me! Me!

(But enough about you... )
Mooommmeeeeeee Mooommmeeeeeee
Erm? Erm? Yay!! Yay!!



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