How to Calibrate Touch Screens (which doesn't help me troubleshoot a failing touch screen, but is really really cool. Ooooooh.)

The Genesis creation story, via command line interface.

It almost makes me miss compiling Java programs via telnet at 3:00am. Almost.

Hell Yeah.

May. 22nd, 2007 12:32 am
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Congressional Food Stamp Challenge -- U.S. Members of Congress to Live on a Food Stamp Budget from May 15-21

Let's hear it for the welfare queens on the hill, trying to get PB&J through TSA checkpoints because it's all the food they've got left for the next two days. Sure, a month would be a lot more educational than a week, and a few years would provide participatory learning on the effects of chronic malnutrition, but a week is a damned good start and a whole lot more than most of those who determine social programs would do. (Will Ferrell vs. Landlord)
YouTube: Mom My Ride

(My car doesn't have visible duct tape, because I'm not married.)
Not an Ideal Server Room

The patch panel and telecomm wiring in the second pic are what kill me.
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No! No! It's a secret! (Has sound, no sexual content or graphic images that aren't already mainstream.)
Lavender Revolution: Plant essences linked to enlarged breasts in boys as posted by [ profile] vocalista001

"Two ingredients common in many hair- and skin-care products have been linked to abnormal development of breasts in boys. Lavender oil and tea tree oil contain compounds that act like female sex hormones and interfere with male hormones, researchers have determined."


"The plant essences presumably have similar potential effects in young girls, Reiter says. Studies show a recent rise of early breast development in girls (SN: 9/9/00, p. 165: Prepubertal children have low sex hormone concentrations, so relatively small amounts of hormone-mimicking compounds might upset their physiologic balance at that age, says Reiter."
How fast do you type?

I took it five times and averaged 91 wpm with two mistakes. (When I do a 'real' typing test, with pressure and all, I drop to 65-70 wpm. I did slow down a little on this one, knowing it was being timed, but not as badly as sitting in the Job Service office.)
YouTube: safe for work, safe for kids... probably not safe for liquids. According to [ profile] qatar, not for watching before going to a quiet contemplative religious gathering or other forms of meditation.

ETA: Sims 2 version, thanks to [ profile] americanvalkrie
Henry Rollins' letter to Ann Coulter (Shockwave Flash movie)

When I grow up, I'm going to marry Henry Rollins. Promise.

Also this, from [ profile] juliansinger: Jack the cat proves his mettle by chasing black bear up tree (twice!)
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What. The. Fuck.

The Pentagon has decided to omit from new detainee policies a key tenet of the Geneva Convention that bans "humiliating and degrading treatment," according to military officials, a step that would mark a potentially permanent shift away from strict adherence to international human rights standards.

Oh, Dear.

May. 20th, 2006 01:35 pm
Look what [ profile] markedformetal linked to... all-natural lip balms and glosses, including tinted glosses!




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