Among one's list of "things to do before mixing up a double batch of banana-nut bread batter because there are four overripe bananas on the banana hanger" would be "make sure you own loaf pans."
We drank only water last night. We drank plenty of water last night. Quit with the headache, please. Thanks.

-- Love, Me
As a general rule, it's best to have at least one competent employee scheduled for each shift. I understand this is the traditional role of the Shift Manager. Perhaps you might consider that model of ensuring that your employees are capable of taking and filling an order. That would be great.
-- Katrina, who shouldn't be buying from Hardee's in the first place.

Dear Self,
don't go all day without eating. It really makes everything else much harder to process.
-- Me

PS: that unsweetened iced tea isn't doing much for your blood sugar, genius. Try food.
Note to Self #1: when going to reset a tripped breaker, if you find yourself standing in front of a large breaker box which controls the entire third floor and none of the breakers is labeled with anything more specific than "outlet," STOP and warn everyone in the office to save their work and preferably shut down their computers before you embark upon the "flip 'em all" method of finding the right breaker. This will likely increase your life expectancy and significantly lower your risk of mysterious stapler accidents. That, or just call the landlord. Like you'll have to anyway because after flipping them all, the microwave and water heater still don't work.

Note to Self #2: when having a "part work, part bullshit" IM chat with the guy who is paying you rather well to do freelance programming, don't go off on how idiotic and ignorant you think the current administration is until after you know his political bent.

Hey, looka me, still alive and employed and stuff! So far. Heh. Oops.
Dear Self: when you find yourself getting totally frustrated with someone because she's on a self-destructive tear and seems to be doing nothing but hurting herself, please keep in mind why you've gone on self-destructive tears, and realize that something has happened which you do not yet know about and/or understand but which will probably make you cry really hard and wish you'd understood a whole lot sooner.

Love, Me.



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