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(My car doesn't have visible duct tape, because I'm not married.)
Lavender Revolution: Plant essences linked to enlarged breasts in boys as posted by [ profile] vocalista001

"Two ingredients common in many hair- and skin-care products have been linked to abnormal development of breasts in boys. Lavender oil and tea tree oil contain compounds that act like female sex hormones and interfere with male hormones, researchers have determined."


"The plant essences presumably have similar potential effects in young girls, Reiter says. Studies show a recent rise of early breast development in girls (SN: 9/9/00, p. 165: Prepubertal children have low sex hormone concentrations, so relatively small amounts of hormone-mimicking compounds might upset their physiologic balance at that age, says Reiter."
The boys have discovered Shel Silverstein. They take turns reading aloud. They think it's the funniest stuff EVAR.

Beats fart jokes.


Jun. 10th, 2006 04:37 pm
[ profile] markjeffrey walked down to the river today, where he met a friend. They proceeded to fish. Mark brought home a nice trout, which he cleaned and cooked. It was very yummy.

Yay Mark!
[over dinner]

  • James (age 12): "Mom, whenever we go shopping for like one specific thing, you go into 'shopping mode' and want to look at everything!"1
  • Mark (age 10): "Yeah, women are like that."
  • Me: "Mark, that's sexist."
  • Mark: *thinks for a bit* "Yeah, I go into shopping mode too sometimes and want to look at everything. Especially if we're in the video games section!"
  • Me: "Lots of people do, and it doesn't have much to do with gender."
  • James: "Is there such a thing as ageist?"
  • Me: "Yes."
  • James: "Or sizeist?"
  • Me: "Yes. There are lots of ways people identify groups which are like them and say that their group is better than other groups. Society gives us certain messages like thin people are better than fat people, that attractive people are better than unattractive people, that young people are much more attractive than older people but only older people can be trusted and that elderly people aren't valuable at all, that people with lighter skin are better than people with darker skin..."
  • James & Mark: *think a bit*
  • James: *smirks* "You could save time and just say that you are better than everyone else. That way you don't have to decide who's in your group and who isn't."
  • Mark: "What's that called? Individualist?"
  • Me: "Narcissist, actually."
  • James & Mark: *rolling eyes as I am obviously pulling their legs* "Nuh-UH!!"
(I explained that yes, narcissist is a word, and told them the story of Narcissus.)

1. Actually, I always want to look at everything. When I'm in a store, that means browsing the merchandise. Anywhere else, it means constantly asking myself "am I being rude by too closely examining my surroundings?" Say, if my surroundings happen to be someone's home or place of business.
[ profile] markjeffrey: "Mom! I made a mint chocolate rhubarb milkshake!"

Me: *shudder because he can't see me yet* "Wow!"

[ profile] markjeffrey: "Neat, huh?"

Me: "Yeah!"

[ profile] markjeffrey: "Want a taste?"

Me: "No!"

[ profile] markjeffrey: "You don't like rhubarb milkshakes?"

Me: "Not so much, no."

[ profile] markjeffrey: "I'm going to have some. It's going to be delicious!" *tastes* "It doesn't really have a taste. Wait. Oh, this is extremely disgusting."

Me: "I've never heard of much success with rhubarb milkshakes."


Apr. 21st, 2006 11:53 pm
Mark is getting good with the preformed argument. He called me at work today.

"Mom... because I have never ever been to a Sock Hop in my entire life and really feel that I've been missing something, I'd like to go. [Oh god not a social thing with lots of people] It's at 6:00pm tonight at my school. [Oh darn, I won't be back from getting Eliza yet] I know you won't be back from getting Eliza by then, but Chantelle's mom said I am welcome to go with them. [Huh? Hm. So I don't have to go...] I'd really like to go. If I do a load of laundry first and pick up twenty things from the living room, may I go?"

My response was "Uhhh... yes!"

Do Tell...

Apr. 15th, 2006 07:14 pm
Mark: "But you already knew that, because you are a perfect mother!"

Me: *snort* [cynical] "Oh really."

Mark: "Yes! You are a perfect mother! Only a perfect mother could have three kids and take good care of them like you do. You are a very good mother to us and we love you very much! We're really lucky to have a perfect mother."

Two thoughts:
1) He needs to spend a lot more time with whomever it is he's been talking with recently.
2) What does he want?
"When you do that, I feel like I have a stupid sister!"
"I can't believe my dad still looks handsome, even though he's, like, in his forties! I can't believe it! Everyone else in their forties looks, kinda you know, ratty. But I'm not sure I've ever seen anyone in their forties except my dad." -- Mark, on the ravages of time


Feb. 13th, 2006 02:16 pm
James, just now: "Mom, I really appreciate that you've been worried about me and that you stayed home from work today to make sure I'd be okay. It really makes me feel like I have an important role in this family and that I'm really loved."

"Irish Brogue" and "Talking Like a Pirate" actually have very little in common, and are certainly not interchangeable. To the best of my knowledge no leprechauns in any form of literature have said "Arrrr, me mateys!"
"I can't believe that just... sucking on each others' skin... is a way of showing LOVE!" -- Mark, after kissing my cheek
"Okay... but I'm starting to think that by 'soon' you're meaning the scientific or geological sense." -- [ profile] jamesleslie, on when I'll vacate my computer so he can Google to his heart's content.

(She got all self-conscious while singing into the phone. I wish I could record her singing when she doesn't know anyone is listening.)

Hear Ye

Jan. 11th, 2006 06:11 pm
[ profile] jamesleslie is all caught up in Math AND Social Studies!



Nov. 13th, 2005 05:51 pm
I want pizza and barbecue wings.

I can even afford them. (I just spent too much time updating MS Money in order to ascertain that fact. Too much, because I'd let it go too long.)

The boys are being rotten little monsters.

Pizza and wings are used for "you're wonderful kids, thanks so much for the fantastic behavior" treats.

I can never decide how I want to spell barbeque.

My life is filled with complexity. Alas and alack.

PS: I still don't want to work on the programming project.
Mark: [very seriously] *sigh* I'm sorry, Eliza. Your people are dead. They were too close to the nuke. Your people fled to the wrong country. They fled to the country where the nuke exploded. Now all your villagers are dead and you're left only with your warriors, who don't know how to grow food.

Eliza: Oh! Please help me! My country is destroyed and I'm homeless!

Mark: You're not homeless. You have your castle. You just have no people anymore to produce food and goods and support your country's economy. You'll have to grow your own food now and weave your own cloth.

Eliza: But I don't know how to weave!

Mark: I'm sorry. You'll have to learn.

... Mark is ten. TEN. See why I've forbidden TV news in our home?
Eliza (age 7) and Mark (age 10) are playing with Eliza's dolls. My kids do a sort of narrated improvisation when they play together.

Eliza: ... and then you saw I was crying in the pool.. *sobs*
Mark: "Oh dear, why are you crying in the pool?" And then I pulled you out of the pool so you didn't drown...

It's always interesting when Eliza is part of these narrated improv stories, because she tends to very firmly stick to her vision of how the story should go, and works hard to get her brother(s) to conform to her plans. Her brothers blissfully ignore those attempts. Often there are two totally discrete stories going on, only marginally linked by the shared interaction, in a sort of "He said/She said" taken to its furthest extreme.

So, then. In tonight's narrative, Eliza has introduced the following thematic elements:
1. Sex
2. Doctor/nurse romance
3. Extra-marital affairs
4. Body issues and the unrealistic perceived standard of female beauty
5. Dancing
6. Shopping
7. Drama! Betrayal! Falsehoods!
8. Wedding, wedding night events
9. Oh no, I'm pregmint! Ten minutes after I gave birth! And I'm in labor again!

Mark has introduced the following thematic elements:
1. Bazookas and other Very Impressive Weaponry
2. War and going to fight in a war
3. The unethical and unjust nature of the death penalty
4. Civil disobedience
5. Class issues
6. Death, bereavment, grief
7. Gender roles
8. Survival
9. Legal and illegal use of drugs

.. right now, Eliza is in the throes of labor (her third labor in the past 15 minutes) and Mark is defending the condo in which Eliza is laboring while Eliza calls Mark to come help her have the baby and Mark battles the forces of Whatever and deals with the horror of seeing his brothers in arms blown up while he calls for his commander to come help him.



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