Topic: bashing a person for characteristics which are outside her control or caused by circumstances outside her control.

Example: "trailer trash." God, how I loathe that term. If you hypothesize a woman (gee, why do most "trailer trash" references point at females rather than males) who was raised in extreme poverty where child abuse was a community norm (poverty is linked to child abuse and other forms of violence, most likely because poverty causes extreme amounts of stress and extreme amounts of stress cause about ten bazillion bad things) with little or no access to a decent education or healthcare or pretty much any of the things that a middleclass or even upper-lowerclass person expects to be universally available... there will be some predictable effects regardless of her individual intelligence, resolve, creativity, drive, what have you.

Condemn those effects, sure. Shout and rant how awful it is that some people consider horrible things to be all they can ever expect to have. Don't label a human being as disposable, disgusting, or otherwise far-inferior-to-you because of something which she did NOT choose.

IF she later gets access to things like education, healthcare, and a few glimmers of hope that her efforts will actually make some positive difference in her life, she may be able to climb out of the pit she was born into. Or maybe the damage from those formative years goes pretty deep. I'm sure nobody has ever met a lazy, self-centered, unmotivated person who happens to be financially well-off. Oh wait, we have, but it doesn't stick in our consciousness like the "lazy welfare case" because we don't get to feel superior to the "lazy millionaire".
Can we live through February?

I talked with Tess last night. She hugged me and told me that she loved me. I wasn't sure why. Not that you need a reason to say "I love you," but she said she thought I might need to hear it... and that it was, after all, February. I asked if she were referencing the 10th, and my anniversary. She said no, just the depths of hell. Yes, February.

The Song I'm Referencing )

I'm worried about her. I'm still a little worried about me. I've been feeling worlds better, but my house still looks like a tornado hit it.. and despite the fact that I have three small tornadoes, that's really bothering me. My Christmas tree is still up. I've started to take it down several times, but my energy and motivation fizzle when I start clearing the hall closet so I can open the door to the storage space that holds the box for the Christmas things...

I love you, Tess. March comes soon, and then April. After April comes May, and green things. After May comes June, and summer, when All Is Good.


Jan. 24th, 2003 07:24 pm
It's amazing, how knowing that you'll feel better soon makes you feel better now. The last two days have been SO good! I got a lot accomplished at work, was able to focus and think clearly, am coming up with great ideas for future projects, and just generally felt wonderful.

All hail modern chemistry.

"After All" by Dar Williams
Click here for the lyrics to the whole damn song )
... what she said. (Tess and I are discussing "favorite songs which really capture how we feel about Things.") This verse kills me:

And it felt like a winter machine
That you go through and then
You catch your breath and winter starts again
And everyone else is spring bound

Yeah, that would be depression. Even more so for the chronic variety.. the kind I've been blessed with since childhood.

.. this client makes updates a little too easy. This journal is gonna gain weight in a hurry. It's not so slim, as things stand now.



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