Yesterday I saw a very interesting bumper sticker. Printed on it were two words and two feet.

The words were "Follow Jesus." Okay, nothing shocking or difficult to understand there, and at least it's not some huge long "omg you're gonna burn in hell and I'll be roasting marshmallows, I mean crying that I wasn't able to convert you" chunk of scripture.

The interesting part was the feet. The first foot was clad in a simple sandal... given the wording, the first foot was a Jesus foot. The second foot... was a ninja foot.

Jesus foot. Ninja foot. "Follow Jesus."

Follow Jesus but don't let Jesus know you're following him? Follow Jesus and kick his ass when he's least expecting it? What? My co-worker J thinks it means "Follow Jesus in a quiet way" as in "STFU and have a nice personal religion which doesn't involve trying to convert me."



Dec. 1st, 2002 08:42 pm

Tess moved her journal to LiveJournal, so now I can link to her! Yay!

I color-coded my friends. They're so preeeeeetty now. It should result in a little less confusion when I read something from Dan's journal and think it's from Jayme's, or vice versa. ("Wow, Jayme's really upset, she usually never cusses! Oh wait, that's Dan." Or "Gee, I've really never heard Dan talk about God and Jesus.. oh, that's Jayme's entry!")

We went to church today. It was tiring, and frustrating in the usual way. I dunno. I may have to just set aside my "church issues" for a while and deal with everything else. For now, I may just accept that it's a church full of wonderful caring loving people, and that I'll have to feed my own spirituality through reading, meditation, and so forth. (Doesn't mean I'll like it though, or that I'll stop bitching about church!)

Work and school in the morning. I'm scared. After 1.5 hours of church this morning, I slept for 4 hours. My daily school/work schedule doesn't have breaks. Hopefully dan-boss will be okay with me napping under my desk? Or something?? Yuck. Of course, I'm panicking over the papers which were due way back in October. *sigh*

Speaking of Dan, he finally got time to visit! Yay! I'd been missing him a lot. It was great to see him again. He and Tess really liked each other. Tess is happy because she's acquired three new friends so far during the visit. She's planning to keep in touch with dan-boss (Renfroe), Dan Swensen, and another friend of mine, Heidi. It's hard to glare at a friend for staying away so long when he walks in with his arms full of chocolate, latté, a CD-ROM full of MP3s, and the Lord of the Rings DVD. :-)



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