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God, eating can be a chore sometimes.

Like when I'm adjusting to new meds which make me a little sick to my stomach, so I have no appetite whatsoever and eat on principle and to avoid low blood sugar and it's all "Oh, if I must nibble upon something..."

I've made it through three-fourths of a bran muffin and am very proud of myself. I need to finish that muffin and another by five pm. This is my Big Important Goal for today. Yeah, I'm not impressed either.

ETA 2:42 pm: I finished the second muffin with two hours to spare! Wooo! Um.

Cut for weight-based mutterage )
I'm wearing a "new" sweater today. I bought it (on hyperclearance for about $5) about a year ago, but despite the "L" on the label it was too small. This is the first time I've been able to wear it. It's a dusty-rose color, 100% rayon (mmmmmm rayon), and has a very open knit and flared 3/4 length sleeves. It has a scoop neck and a little ribbon tie under the bust. It is rather sparsely lined (just a bit o' fabric covering the bust area), so I'm wearing a silk camisole under it.

To review:
  • First time I've been able to wear it.
  • Pink.
  • Rayon.
  • Pretty, pretty, pretty.
  • Hint of sexy which is within 'appropriate work clothing' bounds.
  • Silk camisole.
*is in clothing-heaven*
Based on a single-trial test, I have concluded that burning incense while engaging in aerobic exercise is a bad idea. I'm not all that sensitive to chemicals or fragrances, but I haven't stopped sneezing since 1:00 pm, when I finished up a 35-minute session of Nia held in a local yoga studio. I've requested that next week we not have incense burning during class. Geez. Pounding headache, serious sneezing1, sniffling, itchy eyes... I try to be aware of chemical/fragrance sensitive folks and avoid making life miserable for them, but this would be my first taste of what that's actually like. Yuck.

Other things learned at Nia:

a) I do actually have decent balance, under certain conditions. Foot placement is important: mine naturally rotate outward, I have to consciously remember to keep my toes pointing forward. With proper foot placement, I can do three side-kicks in a row without losing my balance. Yay!

b) I look pretty good dancing around in a short flippy skirt. (Humor me. It's spring and I haven't been able to wear my short skirts in a long damn time. I'm enjoying the re-realization that I have nice legs.2) I did not actually plan to go to an exercise class in a skirt. I forgot that we had Nia today. It worked.

1. when I sneeze, it's at least three in a row, often seven or more. So "serious sneezing" for me is a lot of sneezing.

2. Ego-boost: getting an approving glance cast legwise from my very-gay co-worker. If the "makes faces at the thought of kissing a woman" guy is checking out my legs, my legs are looking nice.



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