For homeless children, struggle is to find stability and make the grade

(The focus is on the family, not the organization for which I work... we provide case management, tutoring, school transportation, and some other services to this family, and help coordinate between the various agencies with whom they work.)

ETA: as of 11:00 we've already received seven calls from folks wanting to volunteer as tutors for the homeless and at-risk schoolchildren. Yay!
Any computer-rich people or companies looking for a charitable contribution tax write-off are SO VERY WELCOME to provide this wonderful social services 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a server. Or pretty much any decent computer hardware for that matter.

-- Katrina, who is now finished soliciting/begging on behalf of her workplace
I'm on beeper duty for SARS from 5 pm today until 8 am on Sunday. As I was getting out of the van, my arms loaded with fast-food, trying to hold keys, drinks, and bags while getting kids into the house... a page came in. I got everyone into the house and called the answering service. It wasn't a crisis call. It was the director of SARS, making sure I'd gotten the pager. So that was anticlimactic. But at least I know that the beeper works! :-)


Feb. 1st, 2003 01:32 pm
I had the crisis-line pager for SARS last night, for the first time. No calls came in, but I didn't sleep well. I was wondering when the pager would go off, if I'd hear the beeps, how fast I'd get clear-headed, whether I'd say the right things... I'm sure that part will get better with more "beeper shifts," and especially after I take my first after-hours crisis call.



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